Get That Super Life

I took time off last week and used some of it to finish the 50 episodes of DC Super Hero Girls. I probably should have spent the time watching Superboy since the DC Universe is going away and it likely won’t be streaming, but I wanted to use my time off doing something enjoyable. I wrote about DC Super Hero Girls a few months ago when I started it. Now that I’ve finished it I wanted to share more thoughts.

Long story short; I think this show rules. It’s fun, action packed, and has real stakes. I think people should see the show for themselves and see how they adapted famous DC characters and stories into an all ages television. I’m going to bullet out at random some of my favorite bits:

  • Zod, Non, Ursa
  • The League of Shadows is a metal band
  • Kara becomes Power Girl for an episode and claims to be from Earth-2
  • Flashpoint
  • Dex-Starr
  • Lois being the best journalist
  • Bizarro-Girl
  • Tween Titans
  • Silver Banshee
  • Steve Trevor

If anyone has skipped this show because it’s marketed towards young girls they’re missing out on a fun time. And not in a My Little Pony way.

October 14, 2020

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