Olsen’s Eleven

Mallah, the brain, livewire, heatwave, and Lois in a Magnum P.I. style action shot. Lois even wearing the hawaiian shirt

This episode takes place at the same time as last week’s. It was an interesting decision to do these episodes like this instead of cutting back and forth between the two main stories. Last week they wanted Kara’s story to breathe which meant no room for Lois and Jimmy. It means zero Superman this week and like last week there is no A plot and B plot. It’s all A plot.

Waller has declared martial law in Metropolis. Her Human Defense Corps is patrolling the streets with tanks and huge robots. She’s shutting down questions on television and branding Superman as the enemy. Doesn’t look like Clark is coming home to a warm welcome.

Olsen’s Millions

Title card for the adventures of Superman episode Olsen’s Millions. The city of Metropolis in the background

Lois has a plan to find Clark and make things right. Hire Livewire to steal a spaceship from S.T.A.R. Labs! Jimmy’s first offer to Livewire is a check made out to cash for $500K leaving him with $2,001,089. After the date with Kara he had $2,998,784 where did that other $500K go? Livewire is a shrewd negotiator and asks for some more zeros. Olsen’s net worth is now zero. He’s spent $5,497,386 over the course of basically six episodes.

When Lois and Jimmy show up to see Livewire, Heatwave is there too! I like the Rory/Leslie relationship. They are a great couple, but Captain Cold would be jealous.

Olsen doesn’t quite get a crew of eleven, but we do get a heist with the tropes. Rounding out his crew is returning guests Mallah and Brain. They traveled the multiverse, but it turns out every dimension has its own Mallah and Brain. So they are back to do brunch with Jimmy on the weekends. I wish our dimension had a Mallah and Brain.

We get the obligatory explanation of the plan. Back entrance, stolen finger prints, looped cameras, guard change overs. Classic. As happens in all good heist movies, it doesn’t go according to plan and Jimmy is left to do some social engineering to get them in. Let this be a lesson to everyone in security. Don’t trust anyone!

There’s always another way

Livewire’s plan B is to go in guns blazing and Lois’s plan is to start punching Kara with Kryptonite. Jimmy ain’t having it. They aren’t hurting anyone. Love hearing Jimmy drop Clark’s line. What a pal.

They may not have much of a chance though because Waller and Deathstroke are at S.T.A.R. Labs too. Luthor is working on Project M which is working to power the Metallo robots with Kryptonite. It’s strange that Waller is putting so much effort into more robots when they already have their Brainiac/Kryptonian robots patrolling the city streets. Seems like a way to just give the story Metallo instead of something that Waller actually needs.

During their heist Brain and Mallah separate to get components for their portal. Livewire zaps away leaving Lois and Jimmy alone. Livewire of course had an ulterior motive for breaking in, she wanted new weapons.

Being alone gives Lois and Jimmy more time to talk about Kara. Jimmy defends her saying that Clark has the two of them and Kara had no one. She’s not a lost cause. Love this and I look forward to them getting back together.

They find the ship, but it needs some work. Mallah and Brain show up and after some Millenium Falcon style shenanigans they launch the ship. Livewire and Heatwave arrive to clear out the rest of the Metallos. She was inspired by Lois fighting to get to Clark. Love is not for cowards. Does this mean Heatwave and Livewire know Clark’s identity now?

One Metallo survived and is now Lex’s top priority. Will it be getting a human operator?

Lois, Jimmy, Brain, and Mallah take their spaceship through a portal to find Clark and are stopped by Kara. Now we are at where we left off last week. Only three episodes left! Hopefully the wait isn’t too long for season three. It feels like an eternity since Superman & Lois ended.

July 1, 2024 MAWS

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