Quick Thoughts on My Adventures with Superman #2

This week saw the release of issue two of the tie-in comic. In part of my endeavor to have something on the blog for every piece of the MAWS story here are some quick thoughts on the issue.

No Superman!

This issue—like this week’s episode—has no Superman in it! It has a similar story too. Our heroes need to break in to a secure facility for a rescue mission. Rather than stealing a spaceship to save Clark they want to save Amazo from this military group. We do get Clark at least, but it’s a funny scheduling coincidence that everything MAWS related this week was missing Superman!

Bloodsport, shot, stroke, death

It’s cool to see the universe expand with Bloodsport (although I always get the names Bloodsport, Deadshot, Bloodshot, and Deathstroke mixed up) and another secretive government group. Looks like Checkmate has these groups competing with each other to accomplish some nefarious goals.

I don’t understand why this robot is Amazo. It feels like we’ve already burned the Amazo name with Ivo and the Amazo-Tech company. Why would this robot be named Amazo after the company? Amazo also feels way more interesting than Ivo’s Parasite armor. Makes me wish they hadn’t used Ivo for Parasite and kept him open to use with Amazo here.

Spin off books like this have a fine needle to thread. Tell a decent story in the world but don’t affect the status quo. They can’t make any major changes to the characters or have major events, because it’ll never be reflected in the show. They need to leave the team on the show free to make the best creative decisions for the show without being beholden to a book most viewers of the show haven’t read. This book uses the introduction of Bloodsport and the Mt. Simonson Base to do that. All while tying it in with the Cadmus tech from season one and an attack by Deathstroke.

The issue ends with Clark Kent in custody! That’s a story beat that typically works for me. I like when Clark needs to rely on his wits and protect his secret identity all while getting out of a jam.

Comic book panel showing Bloodspot holding a gun to Clark. Dialogue reads “CLARK KENT. REPORTER FOR THE DAILY PLANET. YOU ARE NOW IN MILITARY CUSTODY FOR TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Caption at the bottom reads “Next: Clark Kent in cuffs!”

July 5, 2024 MAWS

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