Superman #1

Ed McGuinness, Karl Kerschl, Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Eduardo Barreto

Last week Javier S posted this Henry Cavill tribute on Twitter:

Tweet sadly since deleted

This reminded me of Martin Ansin’sMan of Steel Superman #1 tribute from a few years back with Mondo which is a more direct Superman #1 homage—image from the internet as I, sadly, don’t own this print.

Man of Steel Poster

There have been many great interpretations of this cover over the years like Superman 20th Century by Alex Ross in the late 90s—from a Warner Bros. catalog that I had on my wall in high school.

Superman by Alex Ross

Ed McGuinness from Adventures of Superman #600—technically the 600th issue of the series this image first appeared on:

Superman by Ed McGuinness

My personal favorite version by George Perez from Action Comics #643—I also have a version of this from an On Sale Here” poster on my wall: Superman by George Perez

And finally, the original, Superman #1 by Joe Shuster.

Superman by Joe Shuster

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this simple pose that really grabs me. It could be the simplicity of it, the grandeur of floating over the city, his peaceful outstretched hand, or maybe just his smile. Shuster was really on to something back in 1939. The complete story of the daring exploits of the one and only Superman.

EDIT: the moment I posted this I thought of others and they kept coming to me. The new header image of the post has tributes from Ed McGuinness, Karl Kerschl, Alex Ross, Jim Lee, and Eduardo Barreto.

July 13, 2020

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