Supermania 1987

Martin Lakin is best know among Superman fandom as the Superman IV guy. He runs a website Supermania 78 dedicated to the Christopher Reeve legacy and Superman IV in particular. Similar to the excellent Caped Wonder site and related podcast. He has been on the aforementioned podcast and also has a small YouTube channel. Last year he did a great walkthrough of some Superman movie props that were up for auction. Since then his channel has been quiet.

Well Supermania Returns with four great videos this week. His first video takes us through his personal collection of replica props (I think a replica cape and Daily Planet would be nice additions to my collection). The next are some behind the scenes look at his favorite Superman movie The Quest For Peace. I’ve embedded my favorite below:

Superman IV might not be my favorite of the movies, but it does hold a special place in my heart. By the time of it’s release in 1987 I was 4 years old. Old enough to remember watching it frequently as a kid. Still have my copy of the comic book adaptation as well. Many parts of the Superman theatrical history have great what might have been stories, but I still hold out hope that we may see an extended cut of this one.

October 28, 2020

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