(The) Daily Planet Globe

Good Miracle Monday, dear reader! With the 4K box set in my hands I thought about doing another follow up, but I’ve decided to keep things positive on our most sacred of holidays. Let’s talk about depictions of the Daily Planet globe in other media!

I just finished re-watching Smallville season eight along with the excellent Always Hold onto Smallville podcast. Being part of the Metropolis years we see lots of shots of the Daily Planet globe. One thing that stands out in the Smallville universe (Earth 167) version of this globe: the definite article The”. Smallville’s globe says The Daily Planet”. This got me wondering what other adaptations globes say. Here is a not-definitive list:

  • Smallville - The Daily Planet
  • Titans - Looks like Daily Planet, but it’s hard to tell 100%; picture below
  • Arrowverse COIE Crossover (Earth 96) - The Daily Planet
  • Superman Returns - Daily Planet
  • Lois & Clark - I don’t think we ever see the top of the building, but the globe above the door has Daily Planet
  • Superman the Movie - has a helicopter pad on the roof, but the intro has the globe with Daily Planet
  • The Adventures of Superman - no globe!
  • Superboy - no Daily Planet!
  • Supergirl series- kiosk in the season two episode Adventures of Supergirl” says Daily Planet
  • Superman & Lois - Daily Planet (“The” on logo underneath)
  • Man of Steel - no globe!

A Couple of Animated Versions I’ve Noted

  • Scooby Do and Krypto Too movie - Daily Planet
  • All Star Superman movie - Daily Planet
  • Legion of Super Heroes movie - Daily Planet
  • League of Super-Pets movie - The Daily Planet
  • Ruby Spears series - Daily Planet
  • The Animated Series - Daily Planet
  • Fleischer shorts - Daily Planet

This wiki has some great screenshots of different globes across the ages.

I personally prefer the globe saying just Daily Planet”. This is a shot of the Metropolis skyline in the Titans show. Despite only ever seeing Superman’s boots on the show I think this skyline looked good.

Picture of a television showing the city of Metropolis skyline from the Titans television show on HBO Max. The Daily Planet and LexCorp buildings are clearly shown in the middle.

May 15, 2023

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