The Machine Who Would Be Empire

Okay, we are now in the back half of season two moving towards our finale. Rather than focus on our core trio this episode shifts to a very different trio: Brainiac, Kara, and Superman.

Superman talking to Supergirl from My Adventures with Superman

Kal-El No!

We start our episode with Clark waking up in space with Kara. Clearly he isn’t happy with being kidnapped, but he’s not getting back to Earth without some help. I think Kara is pretty funny here. The dynamic is a fun almost sibling back and forth, but of course with a galaxy domination back drop. Every time she says that his brain is bad gave me a chuckle. Especially because she is the one who is being mind controlled!

Evil” Superpeople doesn’t particularly interest me. It’s been done over and over again, even with Kara. She was a Red Lantern, she was controlled by Darkseid. I know that just because something has been done before doesn’t mean that it can never be done again, it’s just never exciting for me. That said I like the Kara they’ve got here when she isn’t under Brainiac’s control. Especially the little Jimmy Olsen crush she’s got going on. I will say that if they ever bring in the Legion giving her a relationship with Brainiac 5 would be weird. Considering she thinks of Brainiac as her father.


I think the space scenes looks awesome. I’ve really dug the promotional art for this season and now we get to see it in all its glory.

I like how Clark didn’t think for a second he could be in space without a helmet. He’s Kryptonian! Obviously this varies from adaptation to adaptation. For toy reasons the animated series gave him a full space suit! Speaking of when are we getting MAWS toys?

Speaking of headgear, the headband Kara uses to show memories was a nice touch. Anytime we see Kryptonians with headbands I smile.

During their space snowball fight Clark finally acknowledges he gets more powerful when he someone he loves is in danger. This is the most Superman thing ever. Obviously it’s interesting to Brainiac who wants to control him, but I bet Kara will get it too. The snowball fight of it all reminded me of the Morrison take on Superman. He does the same things we do like playing catch with your dog, except with his dog he uses a full tree and throws it out into space.

Conquered Easter Eggs

Euphorix and H’lven are good deep cuts, but Thanagar is one more casual fans might recognize. I especially liked the hieroglyphic style portait on the wall on Thanagar showing Kara devastating the planet.

I’m not sure what Green Lantern Clark was fighting in Brainiac’s training room, but I’m certain that was a parademon. Lends credence to my theory that Apokolips is the one planet Krypton couldn’t conquer.

I am not a weapon!

Iron Giant reference? I’m here for it.

Brainiac may think Clark is weak and will be easy to control, but he’s going to have a big surprise when he’s defeated by Clark and Kara.

After Kara realizes what she’s done she calls him Clark for the first time. Maybe she’s been wrong about Krypton all along. Then Jimmy, Lois, Mallah, and the Brain show up in a spaceship. How much did this cost our Flamebird billionaire?

June 24, 2024 MAWS

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