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This week’s Action Comics Annual was a highlight in an already awesome run of Action Comics issues. I think the conventional wisdom in dealing with bullies is to stand up to them. I’ve never liked this sentiment. A world where this is the only option is a world with only bullies. The idea that Clark would find a way to be better with the guidance of his mother is so powerful and really touched me. I loved it. Martha dealing with cancer was a shocking reveal handled so well on the page. This half of the story was so great, I didn’t even need the excellent Mongul origin to contrast it with. It’s easy enough to just contrast it with real life. Thanks, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Si Spurrier, Dale Eaglesham, and Ian Churchill.

Yeah, haven’t posted anything here in a bit. Combination of the world being terrible and me just being super busy. Really good busy though with lots of rewarding personal projects. Heading out to the Superman Celebration next week which I think should get me motivated to work on this. Got some ideas to write about Bizarro seeing as I’ve been watching the last Superboy season, season seven of Smallville, and the latest season of Superman and Lois at the same time. Stay tuned, dear reader!

June 3, 2022

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