New Comics December 2021

Long time comic readers will know publishers release their list of books that are shipping three months in the future. These solicitations will typically include creator credits, a short description, and a preview of the cover. Here are some that stood out to me this week.

Justice League 2021 Annual

Written by current Justice League scribe Brian Michael Bendis, the piece here that really excites me is the art and cover by Sanford Greene. Sanford Greene is amazing, I first saw his art on Power Man and Iron Fist and have been a big fan ever since.

World of Krypton #1

Written by Robert Venditti who recently wrote some of the Superman Man of Tomorrow digital first books and is currently writing Superman 78. With art by Michael Avon Oeming who most recently has been doing the Midnighter backups in Action Comics. The World of Krypton title has been used for a couple books in the past and I love it. I enjoy different takes on Krypton. It’s something that lends itself to many very different interpretations. Plus Venditti gets Superman and has done cool things with Hawkman in the recent past. I’ve got an Oeming Superman sketch on my wall, he rules. Other details: cover by Mico Suayan, variants by A. D’Amico and Francesco Francavilla.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #6 & #7

I’ve been enjoying this series, especially because of Bilquis Evely’s art and Mat Lopes’ colors. Add on Nicola Scott and Steve Rude variant covers plus getting to see two covers at once makes this standout this month.

Superman 78 #5

Written by the aforementioned Robert Venditti and art by Wilfredo Torres. We’re only one issue into this book and I already adore it. It just hits a great sweet spot for me. I’m very happy with multiple Superman books following different continuities every month. It’s my dream state. Plus I dug the covers. Standard by Francis Manapul and the variant (which is my current iPhone wallpaper) by Jamal Campbell.


Lately the thing I’m most excited about in these solicitations has been J. Totino Tedesco’s variant Action Comics covers. This month’s gladiator Superman is no exception.

gladiator Superman

September 20, 2021

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