Superman Day 2024

I am back home from the 2024 Superman Celebration; just in time for the 4th Superman related holiday of the year. We’ve had Superman’s Birthday, Superman’s Earth Day, Miracle Monday, and now Superman Day. I think this one is the least special of the days—I certainly don’t need an excuse to celebrate the Man of Steel.

Speaking of Man of Steel, the 2013 release was how we got this Superman Day in the first place. Also speaking of Man of Steel, All Star Superfan podcast has an excellent episode about the John Byrne miniseries. I had so much to say about this mini that I didn’t get it all down in time to send it in to them before they released their episode. Going to try and get an email out to them commending them on another excellent podcast. These guys are my favorite Superman podcast currently

Travel slowed me down, but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about My Adventures with Superman! I’ll be back later today with my thoughts on episode four. For now enjoy this Celebration photo dump!

A mural of Action Comics #1 on the side of the Super Museum. It depicts Superman smashing a green sedan with the occupants running away scared

A polaroid photo of the Superman status leaping off the side of the Super Museum

Kristen Kreuk standing in front of the giant Superman status in Metropolis

Bitsie Tulloch being interviewed on the main stage

Brandon Routh being interviewed on the main stage

The Rinaldi family; hosts of Superman Jeopardy on stage behind the Jeopardy table

June 12, 2024

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