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Good Miracle Monday, Superman fans!

Shortly before four in the afternoon on the third Monday in the month of May, the people of the city of Metropolis learned the meaning of joy - the first thing many of them saw was the red-and-blue figure of Superman drawing a line across their sky, and he became the symbol of their joy.

It felt like a miracle.

Miracle Monday - Elliot S! Maggin

As we approach the 2024 Superman Celebration I’ve been rewatching various Superman adaptations in preparation. This inevitably starts me down the path of thinking about Warner Home Video. But I wanted to keep today positive! So here are the top video releases I hope we’ll get next year to coincide with the year of Superman and the new movie.

Lois & Clark on Blu-Ray

Let’s start with the low hanging fruit. HD masters exist; they’ve got the old special features from the DVDs. Just give this to us.

The Adventures of Superman on 4K

Maybe a bigger ask, but definitely possible. This might be the most historically significant television series ever. They were making mini movies with legit special effects all the way back in 1951. This show debuted the same year Canada got television stations, that’s how early it was. Would we have Star Trek without Adventures of Superman? I doubt it. This was shot on film and deserves the best treatment and restoration possible.

The New Adventures of Superman (Filmation cartoons) on Blu-Ray

We got the Batman cartoons on Blu-Ray so this doesn’t seem like a big ask. But this time can we please get the Superboy shorts as well?

Supergirl on 4K

After the disappointing German release earlier this year lets show this movie some love. Theatrical, International, and Directors Cuts please. I’d settle for the Directors and Theatrical cuts in HD.

Superman Returns on 4K

Unlikely due to some of the people involved here and the fact that it was shot in HD and finished in 2K. Home video has come a long way since 2006 though and I think we could get a better version of this. People expected it in the 4K set we got last year considering the DVD and blu-ray sets included this with the Reeve films.

Fixed Superman the Movie on 4K

This doesn’t seem like it’s on the plate at all. Since it was rumored and then at the 11th hour didn’t happen last year it seems that Warners is uninterested. Like the Reeves show though this movie has historical significance. Big budget superhero adaptations owe everything to this movie.

Fleischer Shorts on 4K

After the divisive release last year they would earn a lot of goodwill doing this one right. Even if they feel like this presentation is the most accurate at least give us the intros and outros without errors. Again the historical significance can’t be overstated. Important for its animation and its pre-noir style.

May 20, 2024 WB

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