Superman’s Birthday

I couldn’t let the once every four years Superman’s Birthday go by without a little celebration.

Last May on a Superman collector’s Facebook group, someone posted for sale a Superman (or Batman) cake pan with original accessories and instructions. Originally made by the Wilton company in the late 1970s. I have vivid memories of having this cake as a child and loving it. The price was right, so I picked it up.

Superman or Batman cake pan with accessories and instructions

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to use it and what better time than Superman’s birthday?

  • It’s the 22nd leap day since 1938 so the Man of Tomorrow has plenty of good years ahead of him
  • We are rapidly approaching the 86th April 18 since 1938
  • This year will be the 11th Superman Day June 12th (originally Man of Steel day) since DC announced it in 2013 to coincide with the release of the Man of Steel movie
  • Finally, the best Superman holiday of them all, Miracle Monday, was first celebrated with the release of the book May 18th, 1981; 43 years ago this year

A cake in the shape of Superman’s torso

February 29, 2024

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