My Adventures with Superman Season Two Premier

Superman, Lois, and Jimmy in space meeting Supergirl. Text reads MY ADYENTURES WITH SUPERMAN SEASON 2 ONE HOUR PREMIERE MAY 25TH MIDNIGHT TO 1am on adult swim. NEXT DAY ON max My Adventures with Superman is back for season two. Since my beloved Multiversity Comics is shutting down at the end of the week, I figured I’d continue my articles here. Like on Multiversity they will be a mix of recap and review. I won’t use their exact Five Things” format, but it will inform the style. This week’s debut was two episodes More Things in Heaven and Earth and Adventures with My Girlfriend. Lots of Superman lore dropped in episode one. Let’s get into it.

Trailer Spoilers

I was pretty irritated when the trailer spoiled what felt like major reveals. I get they wanted to highlight some new villains (like Atomic Skull and Damage), but they also dropped Supergirl and the Lex Luthor reveal. Thankfully all of those are shown in the first two episodes so hopefully we have lots of surprises ahead of us.

I don’t have any affinity for Damage so his appearance here doesn’t move me, but I dig Atomic Skull. I have fond memories of the Man of Steel issue that introduced him Post-Crisis. One of the best issues of the triangle era. His design here is similar to modern takes on him (no yellow mask and costume). His mouth doesn’t quite move when he’s talking though. Not sure if that is an animation budget limitation or creative choice.

I look forward to seeing how the show adapts Supergirl. Lois is already mistrustful of other Kryptonians and when Clark tells her there is another Kryptonian she isn’t keen on finding Kara. Anj who writes the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary is really critical of different Supergirl takes. Until I started reading their commentary I never thought too much about different characterization and I hope the show doesn’t let them down!

There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio

Nothing wrong with a little Shakespeare to get us started. Like Hamlet, Clark also learns there is more to his world than he initially realized. He starts with a dream or more likely a Jor-El induced vision. It starts with his identity struggles, but quickly shows a Kryptonian ship in the arctic.

Clark finally has a real conversation with Jor-El after finding his ship in the arctic. It took a while for the programming to learn English. Jor-El explains that Krypton had a large empire until it faced an enemy they could not defeat. I am going to assume this is a Darkseid and Apokolips tease. This space-faring Krypton reminded me a bit of Man of Steel. They had a large empire before retreating back to Krypton and harvesting the core until it’s destruction.

Jor-El confirms Krypton was destroyed and Clark is the last survivor. Well, Clark and his cousin Kara who was also sent away at the last minute by his brother Zor-El. Clark is stunned to learn he isn’t alone. Not only is there another Kryptonian, but she is family. Jor-El tells Clark to find the beacon that came with the Zero Day ship to find Kara.

Jor-El also explains that the Zero Day ship coming through the portal was an unmanned ghost ship”. A drone without any Kryptonians. The ships are run by the Brainiac system. Brainiac on Clark’s ship is trying to wipe out the Kryptonite destroying the ship, but is using a bunch of power fighting off Lois, Jimmy, and the uninvited guests Task Force X.

We do see at the end of the episode there is more to these Kryptonian unmanned ships than Jor-El lets on.

First Big Surprise

Last season we left off with Clark putting Kryptonite into the core of his ship to close the portal and preventing a Kryptonian invasion. It’s Hank Henshaw that points us to Clark’s ship current location in the arctic!

The show’s villains have been mainly centered around Kryptonian tech; minus Mr. Mxyzptlk of course. Henshaw is a perfect candidate for some Kryptonian tech being the Cyborg Superman and all. I have read some complaints that all the villains are related, but most villains in four seasons of Smallville got their powers from Kryptonite. This is a different spin on that and it works for this interconnected narrative. It’s less of a freak-of-the-week scenario and more serialized.

Henshaw thinks the ship is a meteor and is tracking it at Star Labs. Clark recognizes it right away and makes the connection to the vision he had of his father.

Henshaw isn’t our only surprise in the first episode. We also get a nice Can You Read My Mind reference from Clark, which was a cute nod.

Jimmy spends it faster than he can earn it.

Jimmy ended the season super rich thanks to his Flamebird pivot to video. We get a fun little net worth chyron showing how fast he blows through those millions. He starts the season with $5,497,386 but after buying $163,378 in Valentine’s Day cards and $804,003 on a private plane he ends episode one with only $4,530,005. Starts episode two with $4,360,006 not sure where that $170K went, but he uses $605,924 to get a boat to get to Stryker’s. It only takes him two episodes to get down to $3,754,082.

Fortress of Solitude

Clark’s ship’s final act is to create his arctic Fortress of Solitude. It’s a cool way to end the first episode back and set up the show’s take on a major piece of Superman lore. The design is informed by the Kryptonian tech we’ve seen, but with a Superman 78 ice castle vibe. I dig it.

Jor-El has a teary goodbye with his son as the last of his programming is wiped out by the Kryptonite. He’s proud of what Clark has become.

Newskid Legion as Daily Planet interns

I’m glad they’ve found a way to keep the Newskid Legion involved. They are now Jimmy’s Flamebird team! The more Flip the better. It also keeps the Jimmy Lombard pairing that was so successful last season. Giving Jimmy other things to do keeps him from being a third wheel or comic relief. Lois & Clark can have adventures and the show still has something for Jimmy to do.

General Lane is going to be a tough father-in-law for Clark

The main plot of episode two is Lois & Clark rescuing Sam Lane from Stryker’s Island prison. They are pointed in the right direction by a little boy named Billy who can’t find his father. His father was a volunteer librarian at the prison; when he noticed inmates going missing he went missing too.

Waller has been experimenting on inmates at the prison. When Lois breaks out her father and he realizes this, he is again put at odds against Waller. Waller isn’t the top of the food chain though because she is clearly working for someone at Checkmate. Waller admits sabotaging their mission last season to make Sam look weak to Checkmate.

Sam is not happy Lois came to rescue him and he’s even less happy that she brought the alien Superman along. Where is your weird boyfriend Clark? After the rescue Lois suggests Sam live with Jimmy and Clark in what I bet will be a great Odd Couple situation.

Lex Luthor

The show gets the pronunciation right, just like The Animated Series. Sorry, Rosenbaum, it’s not Luther.

As we speculated last season: Alex is really Lex Luthor. Diseased maniac to some, greatest criminal mind of our time to others. He gets some sage advice from newly minted millionaire Jimmy Don’t wait for someone to give you a chance; make one. Carve your own path.” Lex takes this to heart and goes to work with Waller as Task Force X’s new chief scientist. After a Wilhelm Scream he easily takes down Parasite since he designed the tech in the first place. Ivo ain’t got nothing on Luthor.

Task Force X knows about Kryptonite

They see Superman struggling against it on the ship and how it affects the Kryptonian tech. Deathstroke ends up getting some in his sword somehow and this is going to cause some major problems for our Man of Steel.

Next week we get another episode titled after an anime Fullmetal Scientist” which I hope will feature our favorite should-be-bald-but-isn’t nemesis.

May 28, 2024 MAWS

WBD Wish List

Good Miracle Monday, Superman fans!

Shortly before four in the afternoon on the third Monday in the month of May, the people of the city of Metropolis learned the meaning of joy - the first thing many of them saw was the red-and-blue figure of Superman drawing a line across their sky, and he became the symbol of their joy.

It felt like a miracle.

Miracle Monday - Elliot S! Maggin

As we approach the 2024 Superman Celebration I’ve been rewatching various Superman adaptations in preparation. This inevitably starts me down the path of thinking about Warner Home Video. But I wanted to keep today positive! So here are the top video releases I hope we’ll get next year to coincide with the year of Superman and the new movie.

Lois & Clark on Blu-Ray

Let’s start with the low hanging fruit. HD masters exist; they’ve got the old special features from the DVDs. Just give this to us.

The Adventures of Superman on 4K

Maybe a bigger ask, but definitely possible. This might be the most historically significant television series ever. They were making mini movies with legit special effects all the way back in 1951. This show debuted the same year Canada got television stations, that’s how early it was. Would we have Star Trek without Adventures of Superman? I doubt it. This was shot on film and deserves the best treatment and restoration possible.

The New Adventures of Superman (Filmation cartoons) on Blu-Ray

We got the Batman cartoons on Blu-Ray so this doesn’t seem like a big ask. But this time can we please get the Superboy shorts as well?

Supergirl on 4K

After the disappointing German release earlier this year lets show this movie some love. Theatrical, International, and Directors Cuts please. I’d settle for the Directors and Theatrical cuts in HD.

Superman Returns on 4K

Unlikely due to some of the people involved here and the fact that it was shot in HD and finished in 2K. Home video has come a long way since 2006 though and I think we could get a better version of this. People expected it in the 4K set we got last year considering the DVD and blu-ray sets included this with the Reeve films.

Fixed Superman the Movie on 4K

This doesn’t seem like it’s on the plate at all. Since it was rumored and then at the 11th hour didn’t happen last year it seems that Warners is uninterested. Like the Reeves show though this movie has historical significance. Big budget superhero adaptations owe everything to this movie.

Fleischer Shorts on 4K

After the divisive release last year they would earn a lot of goodwill doing this one right. Even if they feel like this presentation is the most accurate at least give us the intros and outros without errors. Again the historical significance can’t be overstated. Important for it’s animation and it’s pre-noir style.

May 20, 2024 WB

David Corenswet is Superman

In the foreground Superman is sitting putting on his boots. While outside the window behind him something is firing a pink beam towards the city.

Director James Gunn shared the first picture of our new Superman on social media today. I’ve talked costume reveals before but this one holds a special significance. This is the start of a whole new cinematic universe. A lot is riding on these tights.

Inspirations: The New 52 and The CW?

Starting from the top the first detail is the high collar. This was one of the defining features of the New 52 costume. Corenswet’s suit features a much higher collar than live action suits of the past. This new costume may not be quite as high as the comics but it’s definitely inspired. The design of the collar also influences the cape attachment. The cape connects on his shoulders on either side of the collar just like in the New 52. Not sure how Clark is going to hide this under his Daily Planet clothes though.

Maybe the most controversial bit of the New 52 costume is the lack of trunks. Like with the first Man of Steel costume reveal, Corenswet is positioned in a way where we can’t see if he has trunks. You can zoom in and see some red, but until I see him standing up straight, hands on hips, I’m not ready to declare victory in the trunks or no trunks battle. I do personally hope this ends our no trunks streak for good.

Corenswet’s suit also has the detail lines from the new 52 costume. In the comics they are part of the armor, but here they are visual details breaking up the blue. This is where The CW comes in. These detail lines are very much a part of the Supergirl and Superman costumes from those shows. They are entirely different from the belt and cuff designs seen on Cavill’s suit.

Finally, the boots. They remind me of the boots Tyler Hoechlin wore when he first appeared on Supergirl. They have the rectangular blocks on them in a very similar way. Hoechlin’s later boots were a more standard leather affair just like Henry Cavill’s. I wish these had more of the V shape to them, but it’s close.

The Material

From our first shot at the shield and in fitting with current super hero costume trends we knew this suit was going to be a thicker material and not tights. We also knew there would be a texture to the costume like we’ve seen in both Man of Steel and The CW costumes. There are no surprises here, but I do like the folds in the fabric. The fabric does remind me of this Guardians photo which I guess is unsurprising considering the source.

The cape

The color looks dynamite. I personally prefer a shorter cape, but I know the long cape is probably more cinematic. I highly doubt we’ll get the shield on the cape. That ship sailed with the animated series and the amount of extra work it would take to animate.

The pose

I’m puzzled by their decision to go with this pose. I do think part of it is to obscure the trunks, but it’s such a passive pose. Sitting down and putting your boots on. In comparison to Cavill’s first photo in front of the bank vault which is the most dynamic debut we’ve seen. Hoechlin, Routh, and Reeve all got Superman standing poses; even though Hoechlin doesn’t do the Superman and put his hands on his hips.

The hair

Holy crap I love his hair. It’s perfect. He’s got the curl. No notes. Cain, Hoechlin, and Cavill not having the curl definitely detracts from their costumes. For Cain it’s terrible because his Clark hair is so much better than his Superman hair (yes I know the show is Lois & Clark). It breaks my heart with Cavill because it looks like his hair does that naturally!



entirely in-camera”

Todd Vaziri does a great job of pointing out when filmmakers try to hype their films as having used no-CGI”. Gunn’s comment that this photo was entirely in-camera” feels like another version of that. There has never been Superman on screen without some form of visual effects. From rotoscoping in the serials to rear projection and optical effects on television to CGI in Superman III. Superman on film has always pushed forward what was possible with visual effects and set the standard for what is possible. Saying something is entirely in-camera while there is a sky beam in the background is disingenuous at best. Don’t get me started on every old generation saying the new Superman isn’t any good because it’s too focused on special effects. When I read Kirk Alyn saying that about the Donner film I laughed out loud.

Now I want to see this guy in motion!

May 6, 2024 Superman 2025 Costume

Revisiting the Superman Wordmark

Readers of this blog will know I have a bit of an obsession with the iconography around Superman. As a character that’s been around for 85+ years the logos and wordmarks have approached an almost religious/idolatrous level of complexity and evolution. With fervent believers on each side of course.

For the second Superman Day of the year I thought I would revisit the wordmark that was updated last year. A few months after it debuted last year I wrote about the wordmark and it’s history over the preceding decades. At the time I wrote that I did not like this new iteration and that I preferred the version debuted back in 1983.

Over a year later, I’d argue this new wordmark has failed. I’ll give two specific examples why I think so.

This morning DC sent out a marketing email for Superman Day telling people to shop our new merch drop!” The wordmark they used for the email? Of course it’s the post-83 version:

The Superman wordmark above Superman with his back facing us looking out at a clear blue sky.

In fact there is no current piece of Superman merchandise that features this new wordmark. If the powers that be were fully onboard with the change they’d have rolled out all kinds of products with it. Especially when the main toy complaint with Superman is that he doesn’t have any other costumes or accessories like Batman. New designs give them new things to sell!

My second and most damning piece of evidence: the new house ad for the House of Brainiac” crossover. One could easily argue that the merchandising arm of Warner Discovery isn’t tied in to the day to day aesthetics of the comic books so the above miss is excusable—although I’d argue that they should be very concerned with how their flagship character and property are being presented. But there is no argument that DC’s inhouse ad design team shouldn’t be aligned with current character logos. In last week’s Green Lantern #10 which features a tie-in story to House of Brainiac” we get a two-page spread advertisement for the story that has the correct modern Action Comics logo—which I also don’t love—but has the classic post-83 wordmark—specifically the version from the DC Connect preview from last year with the extra gloss. How could they miss that in the ad for what they are promoting in a part of that storyline?


I went back through the last year of Action Comics and found the post-83 version used seven separate times. That’s overlooking the two early house ads for the Superman relaunch since they were likely put together before the issues were finalized. This new wordmark isn’t used in the pages of Action Comics until this month’s issue with the new recap page that was introduced as part of relaunch/rebrand.

For additional context some of the other Superman books published in the last twelve months include: Superman Space Age which used a pre-83 wordmark matching it’s Pre-Crisis era story. The Return of Superman special used the period appropriate post-83 wordmark. Superman 78 used the movie-styled wordmark, again appropriate for the subject matter. Finally, the Superman vs Meshi manga used a redrawn version of the post-83 wordmark.

Close up on the wordmark Superman vs. Meshi along with the Japanese Kanji translation

It seems the only books that have had this new wordmark on or in them are ones written by Joshua Williamson and I wonder if it was him that was the driving force behind it. There doesn’t seem to be any traction around the company to make this new version stick.

I’d love to ask designer Darran Robinson about it, but it appears all his social media and web presence have been removed.

April 18, 2024 Design

Formerly Known as Legacy

Looks like I posted too soon yesterday; we got some big Superman news for his birthday later in the day. When I was on my way to see Dune Part Two my wonderful partner mentioned they are going with the Kingdom Come shield.” I know that they used the Kingdom Come shield for the name cards during the table read, but beyond that it was still speculation. She pulled up director James Gunn’s Instagram and I resisted the urge to pull over to take a closer look.

A close up of the new Superman shield covered in snow

The live-action theatrical shield has been on a parallel evolution path with the comics. In the late 1940s the comics were just starting to solidify the shield to the standard” we’d recognize today. Specifically look at the round bulbous serif on the bottom. An early example we can see in 1948’s Superman #53 released as the ten year anniversary issue. A close up of the cover of Superman 53 showing the round serif in 1948 When Kirk Alyn hit the big screen in 1948 his S skips this round serif going with the shield that had been more common throughout the 40s. George Reeves and his Mole Men stuck with a very similar style S—although the color TV show years did flatten the top line. A close up of the cover of Kirk Alyn’s Superman shield Fast forward to Christopher Reeve in 1978 and his shield also eschews that rounded serif. While the movie marketing material has it, Chris’ costume does not. The size and shape are also adjusted with thicker red lines along with a new angle on the top serif. I find it interesting that I often see fans describe this costume as the classic despite this S being unique. Being a Salkind production the Supergirl shield stays close in line to this one.

We don’t get another Superman theatrical release until Brandon Routh dons the cape in 2006. Again this shield evolves off the previous one. Missing that serif, but also getting much darker and smaller. The spandex era was over at this point so this S is no longer just sewn into the costume. The darker maroon almost brown color instead of red was this movie’s attempt at being modern. Hindsight is not kind to these colors.

That iteration only got one theatrical flight before Henry Cavill took the mantle. For the final time (so far) we skip the round serif, but gain a large serif at the top. I find this to be reminiscent of the early 1940s logos that these spun off of in the first place. Subsequent Cavill shields add a strip of Kryptonese text in the middle.

Close up on the cover to Superman 9, with Superman bursting through the page. Close up of the first image of Henry Cavill’s S

Corenswet’s new S breaks with this evolutionary path and gets its inspiration elsewhere.

With 1978’s Superman: The Movie, Jor-El wears the shield for the first time. Rather than standing for Superman, the S is now a family crest. The Superman name comes after the S in the movie. This is now an alien family crest that just so happens to be in the shape of the Latin letter S; the first letter of the character’s name. 2003’s Superman Birthright miniseries takes this to the next level. Explicitly calling the shield the Kryptonian symbol for hope. When Man of Steel was made ten years later they took this idea and ran with it. It informed their redesign of the shield making it a bit more alien” while still being recognizable as an S. I think this story element and influence was taken to the next level in the recent animated series My Adventures with Superman. The shield for this show sticks with classic comic colors but simplifies the shapes into straight lines. It can easily be read as an S, but is also believable as an alien symbol unrelated to human letters. This has been taken in the completely wrong direction with General Zod’s Kryptonian symbol of a Z in the comics. It makes no sense.

Black and white photo of Marlon Brando as Jor-El from Superman the movie Close up of the shield from My Adventures with Superman

Now the Kingdom Come of it all. The late 90s was the height of the Dark Age of comics. Gritty, violent superheroes were all the rage. The question the book asks is how does a character from the Golden Age like Superman fit in this world? Is he relevant” for today’s climate and sophisticated reader. Superman returns to a world that has largely forgotten about him with a new shield. Black replaces the yellow and the design is far simpler, more alien, and less obviously an S. This Superman previously wore the standard comic book S of the time, but his return in this changed world is decidedly darker. In trying to show the way to a new brand of heroes he veers into authoritarianism before ultimately failing.

Close up of the shield from Kingdom Come

I love this book, but the question does Superman fit into modern times” is almost as old as the character! People were saying that in 1978 when the first movie was made and people are still saying that today. How many times do we have to ask this question and get the same answer? I hope this movie isn’t trying to ask this same question.

When The CW wanted to bring back Brandon Routh to the cape as an older Superman for Crisis on Infinite Earths it was decided it should an adaptation of the version we saw in Kingdom Come. He was given the backstory from Kingdom Come minus some important bits like Magog and his exile. Fitting with this tragic backstory is the red and black S. While this costume is a very close adaptation of the comic version it is still influenced by the Routh’s Superman Returns costume. There is a raised plastic element to the shield and the suit is textured rather than a flat blue fabric. In the comic we never see Superman in costume during the denouement. The shield is always red and black. In fact, the epilogue from Justice Society #22 and the pseudo sequel The Kingdom also never feature a red and yellow version of the Kingdom Come S. On television though we got a farewell/homage to the Reeves/Routh version of the character with him flying over Earth and smiling at the camera. The black in his suit is replaced with yellow, but the shield maintains the abstract design. Brandon Routh’s Superman flying around the Earth smiling at the camera This new S is closest to that final Brandon Routh S; with the textures and materials most like Man of Steel. Rather than being made of a separate material like Crisis and Superman Returns the new shield is made from the same material as the costume like Man of Steel. This new shield also adds a yellow border further differentiating it. This S is not the Kingdom Come S. It’s Kingdom Come inspired, but it would be inaccurate to say it’s the Kingdom Come shield.

I personally don’t think this is a good choice for the S for this movie. I have never loved the idea that the S is a Kryptonian symbol and I think the biggest reason to use a design like this is to lean into that. I just want it to be an S. Maybe it becomes a symbol of hope in the universe after Superman’s appearance. I like that better thematically than him being born with a symbol of hope. I understand we’ve had 45+ years of it being Kryptonian, but the more alien we make it the less Superman it feels to me. This specific shield design was originally earned as part of a story that ties to years of continuity. It’s an old Clark. This is new movie is early days for this Superman. I think John Byrne explained the S really well in the Man of Steel miniseries. Clark saves the spaceplane without a costume, gets named Superman by Lois in the Daily Planet, and that name inspires the symbol. His mom makes the costume, him and Pa Kent make the S. But the biggest reason I think this symbol is a mistake is it comes with too much baggage. Every theatrical adaptation has had it’s own unique take on the shield signifying it is something new. Especially, Superman Returns and Man of Steel. Using an alteration of an existing comic design doesn’t make it instantly associated with the new movie. You post a black and white version of this and it could be Kingdom Come it could be Crisis on Infinite Earths or it could be this movie. You post a black and white version of the Man of Steel shield and you know what it is.

I haven’t touched on my feelings on everything else we know about this movie so while we are diving deep lets look at the rest of what we know. A group photo of the case from Superman after their first table read. Eve, Mr. Terrific, Superman/Clark, Otis, Lex, producer Peter Safran, Jimmy, Metamorpho, Lois, Hawkgirl, me, Guy, and The Engineer I like James Gunn. I think he is a good filmmaker and storyteller. I think he’s coming from the right place in making this movie based on everything he has said about it. He’s mentioned how important it is to his relationship with his father and he is concerned with the legacy of the character. There are things about Gunn that make me nervous though.

The first is his penchant for taking a lesser known character and just completely changing them to fit the story he wants to tell. It’s fine if you don’t have any love for a particular character (like Vigilante in Peacemaker), but can really hurt (like Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy).

He’s also taking a usual suspects approach to some of the cast and crew. The Guardians films are great, I’m not denying that. But do they have the best cinematography and best music in the film world right now? I don’t think anyone would say they do. I want this movie to be transcendant. I want it to be next level. It can’t just be another superhero movie. It needs to start a whole new universe and at the same time continuing a character legacy going back almost 90 years. This isn’t Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon. Using the same cinematographer and composer might be comfortable, but are they going to bring this to the next level it needs to be? We know he’s pals with Nathan Fillion, but do we need Fillion as Guy Gardner in the first new Superman movie? How about his brother as Max Lord?

Final point on Gunn, is the Brightburn of it all. Yes Gunn didn’t write or direct this movie, but he had a hand in producing it. Not only was this a movie I didn’t like, the evil Superman trope is one of my least favorite ideas in fiction. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes Superman special. Now I like The Boys and Invincible, because those stories aren’t simply about what if Superman went bad”. They are about what would the rest of the world do if there was someone with Superman’s powers without his moral compass. It works as metaphor to actually powerful people and how we handle abuse of power. Versus an Injustice which has a focus on how cool it would be for Supes to rip someone in half. It is a videogame.

Our main cast for the movie? The big three of Lois, Clark, and Lex? They are great. The minute Rachel Brosnahan was announced I started watching Mrs. Maisel and she’s fantastic. She is like Lois Lane jumping off the page into real life. David Corenswet has a great look and was great in Pearl. The dude is giant, which really sells it for me. I’ve liked Nicholas Hoult in everything I’ve seen him in and he’s already shaved his head. Win, win, win.

The rest of the cast? No complaints besides why are all these characters in a Superman movie? Seems like a random bunch and seems like maybe too many characters for this movie that we want to focus on Big Blue! Miss Teschmacher and Otis tie it very closely to the Donnerverse so it’s strange he went with them rather than Mercy Graves or someone new. I know lots of the choices are dead ringers for their comic counterparts (looking at you Skyler Gisondo as Jimmy Olsen) which is cool, but I like when they throw curveballs too. Lawrence Fishburn was inspired casting as Perry White.

Just after I published I saw the report that Wendell Pierce has been cast as Perry White. Looks great!

Last bit I have to say on this movie right now is the about the title. I’ve never loved Superman Legacy as the title, but I do like the sentiment. When Superman Returns came out it felt like the perfect title. It was a continuation of a long dormant franchise, it was about Superman coming back after a long absence, and it echoed Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Man of Steel was also perfect. A reboot with a title echoing The Dark Knight (which was also part of a reboot of Batman). Superman: The Movie made sense for the first one and even echoed Batman: The Movie (1966). Yes, I always call it The Movie” because I like the 1970s vibe it gives and it’s on some advertising despite not being officially the title. Changing the title of this movie to simply Superman is undoubtably going to cause confusion. But it’s putting the flag in the sand saying this is going to do for Superman what Batman (1989) did for Batman. I hope they are right.

PS Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised by this shield at all since Gunn basically told us almost a full year ago on BlueSky.

March 1, 2024 Superman 2025

Superman’s Birthday

I couldn’t let the once every four years Superman’s Birthday go by without a little celebration.

Last May on a Superman collector’s Facebook group, someone posted for sale a Superman (or Batman) cake pan with original accessories and instructions. Originally made by the Wilton company in the late 1970s. I have vivid memories of having this cake as a child and loving it. The price was right, so I picked it up.

Superman or Batman cake pan with accessories and instructions

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to use it and what better time than Superman’s birthday?

  • It’s the 22nd leap day since 1938 so the Man of Tomorrow has plenty of good years ahead of him
  • We are rapidly approaching the 86th April 18 since 1938
  • This year will be the 11th Superman Day June 12th (originally Man of Steel day) since DC announced it in 2013 to coincide with the release of the Man of Steel movie
  • Finally, the best Superman holiday of them all, Miracle Monday, was first celebrated with the release of the book May 18th, 1981; 43 years ago this year

A cake in the shape of Superman’s torso

February 29, 2024